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Kindervideo.TV — Hello! My name is Oleksandr Nadoloshko and I'm independent videographer. Offering my experience in wedding, family, kids, fashion, commercial, travel, social events and advertising video.

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It's easy to describe filming process. Better to watch and capture everything children do, instead of trying make any influence on process. More information about events you can find in "Services".


Also you can watch examples of my work in


Kindervideo.TV - відеозйомка дітей





The goal of Kindervideo.TV — is creating your personal small family movies and blockbusters!


The approach to filming


During family filming I follow these rules:

  • * process as much important as the result;
  • * trying not to make influence on what children are doing;
  • * I can offer some ideas if necessary, but not insist on it;
  • * for the newborn children I do not use light, for the eyes safety.



All sources and edited movies are property of clients. Author rights are mine. What does it means?
I can put any movie online in my gallery ONLY by your permit.



We sign a contract before filming.




My equipment allows me to make all artistic ideas and have Full HD quality of the final movie. I can make any of the following formats.



Blu-ray — is a digital optical disc data storage format that it is capable of storing high-definition video resolution (1080p).



Optional, every client gets access to his video on his personal page:


Your videos can be securely stored with password, and you can share it with your friends easily.

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School Events Graduation Movie about all year in school




Family movie Your home or family video editing Any questions?




Kindervideo.TV - ціни на відеозйомку
One hour of filming = 100 CAD

Editing of short movie

= 100 CAD

Editing of long movie

= 100 CAD

Editing of your home/family video
(per every hour of raw video)

= 50 CAD
+ price of short or long movie

Complex movie about one year in school

= please contact

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Edit of short/long movie


USB flash drive
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Kindervideo.TV - відеозйомка дітей

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